The name Dallara is quite famous among petrolheads, they have years and years of experience in building the best racing cars that compete in a wide variety of championships around the globe.
Giampaolo Dallara, the company’s founder, always wanted to build a car with his name on it however, due to other projects demanding all the resources, he had to push back his dream until November 2017 when the Dallara Stradale finally debuted, on his 80th birthday.

The Stradale is a car shaped by the wind tunnel, focused on adding lightness instead of sheer power; in its most simple ‘Barchetta’ form it comes without a windscreen, roof and even doors. Each of these elements are available as options, transforming the Stradale into three other body styles including Roadster, Targa and Coupe form. Weighing 855kg in Barchetta guise, the Stradale makes extensive use of carbon fibre and other composite materials.

Powering the Stradale is a 2.3-litre supercharged four-cylinder engine producing 400hp. Drive is sent to the rear axle through a standard 6-speed manual gearbox but a paddle-shift semi-automatic option is available too. 35-way adjustable suspension and a more aggressive fixed wing are offered as options if owners want a more track-orientated set up. With the wing mounted the car generates 800kg of downforce and forces of up to 2G in cornering.

The first customer in the world to take delivery of a Stradale happens to be my good friend Andrea Levy, founder and organiser of Parco Valentino – Salone dell’Auto Torino and die-hard petrolhead.
When he invited me to see and shoot the car in its natural habitat I couldn’t refuse, so here are a bunch of photos taken real quick before the sun had set, after a whole day of trashing the Stradale around the Mugello Circuit.