At the beginning of June I was chosen to be the official photographer of one of the firsts 3-day Colcorsa tour. We departed from Monaco with 7 colorful supercars, we touched Saint Tropez on our way to Saint Bastian and stayed at the jaw-dropping Chateau de Berne overnight.The morning after we drove through endless lavender fields – not in full bloom yet – aiming towards terre Blanche where we spent the night in a stunning Golf & Spa Resort. For the last day of the tour we drove down to Èze, via the famous Route Napoleon. The lunch was held at the amazing restaurant of Alain Llorca. Quick drive through the Promenade des Anglais to reach our final destination, the insanely cool Chateau de la Chevre D’or.

Three wonderful days: amazing cars, beautiful locations, superb food and cool people!

Enjoy a little selection of the thousands of photos I took.